The 2015 Super SteelFit Championships will host its third Qualifier in Teaneck this weekend!

1st Place Men and Women RX Winners will receive $2,500 each with Cash Prizes for 2nd and 3rd Place RX/Scaled too!

April 25th- Westfield Qualifier

May 2nd- West Orange Qualifier

May 9th- Teaneck Qualifier

May 30th- Atlantic City Qualifier

FINALS- Saturday, June 20th at Jenkinson's Beach

2015 Qualifier Events have been announced! Check for the Workouts and Standards under the 'Athlete Services' tab or click here:

Important Notice:

For the past 2+ years, Super SteelFit has received a number of inquires about competing in multiple qualifiers in order to advance to the Finals on the beach.  For a few years we have been carefully reviewing the ability for athletes to re-register, understanding this process is allowed elsewhere.  After thorough review, we have come to the conclusion that athletes may indeed re-register for another qualifier this year but they must do so within the same category they registered initially.  The only exception is Men and Women RX who are 40+ years of age who did not qualify may re-register as Men or Women Executive.  It should be noted we will continue to award limited Wild Cards entries to the Finals. To re-register you must email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text25750+''; //--> and we will offer you the alumni code, since you are now an alum, to receive $15 off the entry fee of $115.

Make sure to check our Facebook page for up-to-date information as well as Athlete Profiles! Also, click here for the FAQs page under 'Event Info'.

Purchase spectator tickets for the Teaneck Qualfier HERE:

Purchase spectator tickets for the Atlantic City Qualfier HERE:


09 May 2015

Teaneck Armory

Register Cost: $115 USD
@ Teaneck Armory

30 May 2015

Atlantic City

Register Cost: $115 USD
@ Atlantic City

20 June 2015

Jenkinson's Beach

Cost: (Invite) USD
@ Jenkinson's Beach

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