Introducing the 2015 Super SteelFit Championships Core Committee!

New for 2015, our "Core Committee" is made up of CrossFit coaches and box owners from across NJ & NY, who will serve as competition and judging coordinators as well as collaborators in drafting the 2015 workouts. Within the "Core Committee", there will be a sub-committee tasked to design the workouts for the Qualifiers and Finals, taking into account the overall committee's input.

The Committee along with the Super SteelFit Championships staff is hard at work preparing for 2015. We are excited to ‘up the ante’ with this year’s workouts and incorporate new elements to our Qualifier and Finals WODs.

2015 Super SteelFit Championships Core Committee:

Joe Subia, Core Captain 

Mickey Brueckner, CrossFit Annex

Jason Chandler, CrossFit TreeHouse

Stefanie Hicks, CrossFit Shrewsbury

Damien Larson, CrossFit East Hanover

Ryan Leffel, CrossFit Parsippany

Dave Syvertsen, CrossFit Bison

Brian Vagnini, CrossFit 13 Stars


For more information about our Core Committee, visit our 'Meet the Super SteelFit Core Committe' page under the 'About' tab.

Stay tuned, SteelFitters! COMING SOON locations, dates, and WOD announcements!

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