Planning for the 2016 Super SteelFit Championships is underway! Check back soon for more info!

Click HERE for an update from the Super SteelFit team about judging!

Here are the results for our 2015 Super SteelFit Finals:

Men RX:
1st-- Niklas Hecht of CrossFit FiveStar 2nd--Ben Isabella of CrossFit Sayreville 3rd--Kevin Varno of CrossFit Sayreville
Women RX:
1st-- Erica Johnson of CrossFit Apex 2nd- Michelle Fountain of Poughkeepsie CrossFit 3rd- Kristen Graham of CrossFit Toms River
Men Scaled:
1st-- Peter Montalvo of CrossFit KOA 2nd- Nestor Bedoya of CrossFit Morristown 3rd- Justin Papa of Atlantic Sports Health
Women Scaled:
1st-- Melissa Montalvo of CrossFit Westfield 2nd-- Lauren Dubek of CrossFit J Town 3rd-- Melissa Sikorski of CrossFit Toms River
Mens Executive:
1st-- Fabio Rendon of CrossFit Morristown 2nd-- Bart Zimmermann of CrossFit 908 3rd--David Perna of CrossFit KOA
Womens Executive:
1st-- Tracy Bacon of CrossFit Tigershark 2nd-- Evelyn D'Onofrio of CrossFit Clan 3rd--Cathy Mastorio of CrossFit Sayreville


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